What We Do!

We are FTC Team 3477 and we love to build winning robots. We are a fourth year team and we really enjoy both building our robot, and helping the rookie team’s progress and compete with their creations. We are in the process of putting our past engineering notebooks online as a reference for rookie teams as well. The engineering notebook was a mystery to us our first year and we are looking forward to sharing what we have learned with new teams. We also work with a number of FLL teams to help them prep for their judge’s interviews.

How We Do It!

Our team business plan has 4 key points. These points are Community Outreach, Fundraising, Mentoring Younger Teams, Robot Design and Development. In our business plan, the first three activities help make the forth activity possible. By reaching out to the community, we build strong connections which will help us find mentors and sponsors. As we find sponsors and ask them to participate by donating time or money, we are able to make sure our team is financially sustainable. Mentoring younger teams will assure the success of FIRST and increase team retention. Each one of these three activities makes it possible for our team to design, build and compete with our robots. Aren't FIRST and FTC great? Team 3477 thinks so!