We are team FTC Team 3477 with members from White Sulphur Springs, WV and Hot Springs, VA. We are a community team committed to spread the core values of FIRST. Ring It Up is our 4th season of competition. In these four years of competition we have learned important lessons of collaboration, creative problem solving and engineering principles.

Our team was founded by Hampton Zobrist who is a freshman at Brigham Young University this year. Hampton was exposed to FIRST while she was in 9th grade and had an opportunity to visit the World Championships in the Georgia Dome. After that completion she announced she had found “her people” and told everyone we would have a team the following year.

Another unique element to our team is the fact we are Boy Scout Venturing Crew. We are Crew 3477. Venturing is the co-ed arm of the Boy Scouts. In addition to working on our robot we work on venturing advancement awards as well.

Many people ask about our name. Geeks in Just Their Underpants is an idea taken from several of our team members favorite book “Pigs Aplenty, Pigs Galore.” During the process of being over run by random pigs, the main character declares “Pigs from London, Pigs from France, Pigs in just their underpants.” We decided, if it is good enough for pigs, it is good enough for a bunch of geeks. So now, we can cheer at every meet, geeks from London, geeks from France…Geeks In Just Their Underpants!