1. To use the application go to:








2. If you have not used the system before, enter your e-mail, desired password and press the Sign UP button. If you are returning, sign in using the username and password you created previously.

Next, you will see the User Home page. Here list of events will be shown under Today’s, Upcoming, and Past sections.

3. Add a event/match day. Click on the “Add Match” tab at the top. It will show a page with a box asking you the number of matches (default is 6) you can add any number there.

4. As soon as you click on the add match button in the box, it will open boxes to enter teams name, color and a check box to tick if that is your team or not. You MUST ENTER CORRECT INFO. Next, you will click on the button and all the matches will be stored in the database.

5. Return to home page and this new match that you recently added will show up. You can click on EDIT / Delete and Mach List/scores links.

6. At the end of the competition,  the Download link will give you the data / stats in excel format.